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Our mission at Full Motion Life & Sport is to provide quality chiropractic care with up-to-date, proven muscle and adjusting techniques that relieve pain and improve overall quality of life. From athletes to office workers, our providers will provide specific care to enhance and improve your performance and allow everyone to reach their goals.

As our name would suggest, we specialize in getting patients up and moving again as soon as possible! Our philosophy focuses on "active treatment". This approach to care is about addressing your concerns — whether chronic or acute — and treating them directly to get you out of the office and into the world as soon as possible. Our chiropractic practices provide natural relief for the discomfort associated with a wide array of conditions, but we go a step further.

All of our chiropractors are fully trained in Active Release Technique (ART), a soft tissue treatment they use in tandem with chiropractic. The synergy of these services is highly effective and is one of the reasons our providers are so successful. Through a treatment plan specifically designed to target your problem areas, we will help you feel better without medication. We encourage you to visit our Services section to learn more about the many techniques and practices our chiropractors and other providers use to give you the best treatment possible.

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